Monday, June 8, 2009

Early Season Loss to Coopertown Avenged

Tonight's game against Coopertown was a sweet win to our boys considering the loss we took early in the year against this team. Brandon Waller and Austin Lindsey each hit homeruns (Brandon hit two!) and everyone was cracking the ball. Webb McCaslin hit one so hard and so far that Coach Rusty said if we had been in our park it would have been out of the park. Everyone did an excellent job of fielding for "three up/three down" almost every inning.

I will have to verify the final score, but it was around 16-0.

Way to go, Mets. The season is drawing to a close with only one more regular season game, against East Cheatham on Thursday night. Can it be over this soon? We were just getting started, weren't we?

Photos from tonight's game are located here.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Double Header Drama

Tonight's games were nothing if they wasn't dramatic. There were lots of emotions flaring on and off the field, it seemed. The Mets lost the first game to the Padres with a score of 7-8.

The second game seemed to last forever and the final score between the second Padres-Mets matchup was 21-6. It was during this game that Trevor hit a ball so hard that he got a standing ovation. We are so proud of the progress he has made this year, and this hit was the culmination of a season of hard work on his part! Way to go, Trevor!!

All-stars were announced tonight and congratulations are in order for the four members of our team who made the All-Star team: Austin Lindsey, Blake Waller, Jacob Hunsicker and Bailey Hooberry.

As we all know, all of our players were All-Stars in our books!!

Pitching tonight was Jacob Hunsicker, Austin Lindsey and Blake Waller.

The photos from the early portion of tonight's game are here.

Mets Top Out Padres Game

In yet another match against the ever-improving Padres, the Mets won out by a narrow 6-4 margin. It was an excellent pitching game by Austin Lindsey. I'm surprised his arm is still moving he pitched for so long. The game lasted close to two hours. The weather has certainly gotten warmer as well and I'm certain those boys got hot out on the field.

Congrats again Mets!! Keep it up for a few more games!

Pictures from this game are located here. Prepare to sit and watch a while as there are a lot!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mets Defeated by Yankees

In a close game last night the Mets narrowly lost to the Yankees after a grand slam by Yankees' Justin Wood sent the score from 4-2 to 4-6. Somehow, the Mets could not seem to get their bats going even after an early out of the park hit by Brandon Waller.

On a fun note, tonight was Austin Lindsey's birthday and the team celebrated with cupcakes after the game! Happy 13th birthday Austin.

Some great fielding was seen last night by Austin Lindsey, Josh Latham, Tommy Stone and Montrez Frey.

Pitchers for this game were Jarret Ray and Jacob Hunsicker. Great job guys!!

Final score for the game was 8-6 Yankees. Pictures from last night's game can be seen here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mets Rack Up Another Win

Tonight's game against Ashland City went really long, two hours and five minutes, but the Mets walked away victorious with a score of 19-6 over the opposition. Everyone got hits and fielded well. In the last inning, there was some switching around and folks got to play infield that often play outfield. It was good to have Webb back playing tonight. Jacob Hunsicker pitched the majority of the game with Brandon Waller closing it out. Trevor Vanicor made an awesome hit tonight as well. Way to go, Trevor!!

Sorry the pix aren't great. Many were deleted due to being too blurry so if you remember me taking a photo and it's not here -- it's gone. I'll get more at our next Saturday game (May 30) as it will be earlier in the afternoon. The ones I kept can be seen here.

Keep doing a great job, Mets!! See you all at practice Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Mets Squeeze Out Another Win over the Padres

What a fun game this game was against the Padres. The Mets led most of the game until the last inning when the score went from 11-1 to 11-8 in just a matter of a few minutes.

However, with the excellent pitching of Austin Lindsay, the team was able to get three outs and end the ballgame with a win! Great job, Mets!!

Unfortunately, Jacob Waffird and Webb McCasland were unable to play in tonight's game. Jacob got bit by a dog injuring his hand pretty badly and Webb had a bike wreck that damaged some teeth. We hope you guys are feeling better already and will be able to play Mets baseball again soon!!

Photos from this game are located here. As you all know, my camera is broken so I'm doing the best I can to make sure we get photos for the rest of the year. Anyone who has any pictures they've taken and would like me to share with everyone else or use in the book can burn me a CD and I'll upload them to our blog.

Mets Beat Yankees in Season's Third Match-up

Boy, were the Mets' bats on fire in tonight's game against the Yankees. Austin Lindsay hit an out of the park homerun during this game!! Way to go, Austin!! Final score over the Yankees was 14-3. Incredible ball playing, Mets!! We are so proud of you guys.